Friday, February 27, 2009

Fearless pt.2

Sorry for the long wait;p been very busy.. Enjoy!

H; "oh craap! J! look who just walked inn!"

J; "omg! its okay. you look hot tonight. he can see what he missed out on"

H; "hhehe yeah;p i hope he doesnt come up here though"

just as H said that khaled spotted her. for some reason H smiled and he walked up to her

H; "crap why did i do that!"

khaled; "hey H. you look nice"

H; "heyy! thanks so do you"

then came the awkward silence..

khaled; "so what have you been up to lately?"

H; "not much, just finished exams.. what about u?"

khaled; "yeah me too.. anyways my friends are waiting for me. well catch up later"

H; "yeah okay see you"

when khaled was out of sight H screamed. she was freaked out and confused at the same time

J; "wow that was a shock. wasnt he the one that didnt want you to call or msg anymore"

H; "yeah i knww! hes so confusing i cant read him at all."

J; "well we better hope he doesnt come back into your life. you dont need all that drama all over again"

H; "i second that! anyways are you ready to order im starvingg!"

a few hours later J and H decided to head back home. there was no sight of khaled thank god!

in the car:

H's fone is vibrating showing that some is calling


H; "OMG J!! Its khaled! what does he want calling mee!"

J; "are you serious? just ignore youre driving you cant pick up now"

H; "yeah like that stopped me before"

J; "well do you want to pick up?"

H; "no noot now.. ill ccall him when i get home"

H dropped J home and headed home. She got a msg


"hey H. I just thought we could talk about something important. give me a call when youre alone ;*"

H was really confused. Khaled broke up with her and asked her to not call or msg him. now all of a sudden he wants to talk? whats that all about?

H deleted the msg, parked in the garage and went straight to bed.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fearless. pt1

H was speeding in her all black Porshce Cayene with "Shake it" by metro station blasting out of the speakers. Her phone starts ringing
H; "Alooo"
J; "heey! how was your last exam?"
H; "It was ok but I dont think I did that well
J; "Im sure u did fine! we have to go out and celebrate."
H; "Sure. Im on my way to your place now. get ready!"

H and J have been best friends since they were babies. Theyre mothers went to UCLA together and they were inseprable, just like their daughters.

H finally arrived to J's house. she walked into the house and found J's mother and sister sitting on the couch watching tv

H; "halla 5alti, hi F"
J's mom; "halla 7abeebti, shlonich?"
H; "il 7amdila, entay shlonich"
J's mom; "ib 5air wallah. J fog ib darha 3agda itbadel "
H; "Ee were going il7een i just finished my last exam. were gonna go celebrate somewhere"
J's mom; "mashalla 3alaich, inshalla tinji7een!"

after talking with J's mom for a while J came down and was ready to go. they got in H's car and started driving.
H; "where do you want to go?"
J; "hmm, how about avenues. maki for lunch chocolate bar for dessert"
H; "yeah that sounds great!"

the girls finally arrive to avenues and it is jammed. they get to maki and order their usual

they are deep into a converstation when suddenly someone that catches H's attention imiediatly...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

The start of something new

i have no idea what im doing.. this is my first post.. first blog..
i read a lot of love stories out there and decided to write mine.. mine is with a little twist
heck, whos isnt, rite?

okay so i guess ill start off soon? hope you guys like it..